Modern Weddings – Fun, even Funky!

Modern Weddings – Fun, even Funky!

Today for wedding ceremonies, anything goes! The tried and true traditional way is always available and deeply meaningful for many couples. However, more and more, couples want ceremonies that uniquely present who they are – and they are not settling for the usual routine.

And, why not? A wedding is a special celebration of the love between two people, in addition to being a legal commitment. Each person is completely distinctive. The love between two distinctive individuals cannot be replicated. It makes total sense that a celebration of their love be equally distinctive … one-of-a-kind.

So, nowadays, we have “ceremonies with personality”. Couples want their guests to laugh and have fun during the ceremony. Some get down right funky about it. Vows include humour. Silly stories about the love-birds, dancing down the aisle, gliding to meet a bride on a hover board, drinking wine in a unity ritual, singing their vows – fun and funky do not take away from the serious commitment and meaningful exchange of vows.

A completely personal ceremony designed specifically to reflect the couple’s shared sense of humour, unique style and personalities keeps guests engaged and make the ceremony a memorable and meaningful one.

Modern day weddings, custom designed and one-of-a-kind, are usually fun and sometimes even funky! Life-cycle celebrants are expert at designing this kind of ceremony. Explore the idea of your own ceremony being like no other one. After all, if you want to have a dress or cake unlike anyone else’s, why settle for a ceremony that is not as uniquely you?