Options for How to Marry

Options for How to Marry

I went to a wedding and found myself at a Sunday-style church service, almost like I fallen down the rabbit hole.

I was excited for my friends who were finally taking this big step to formally and legally join their lives. Then, beyond the initial remarks welcoming us to their wedding, nothing was said about them until their brief vows.

 The majority of what was to be a marriage ceremony turned out to be the Minister preaching the Word of God. I don’t have anything against a religious service with that purpose, but it would have been nice to hear him talk about the couple and their intention. Instead, the wedding served as a launch pad for an extensive sermon on compliance with God’s word.

 Of course, it is appropriate to call for God’s blessing at a religious and even a non-religious wedding. However, I believe most friends and family would have liked to also hear about the couple – their journey in finding love and their decision to make a sacred, life commitment. I could not help wondering what the couple had wanted for their special moment.

 Too many couples do not realize that they have many options available for how their wedding ceremony is structured and conducted. The legally required elements take very little time and space. Nowadays, couples can ask for and expect a ceremony that honours who they are and what they want.

Wedding celebrants herald this new era. They are professionals who approach the role of marriage officiant in a fresh and personal way, ensuring that the wedding ceremony is about the couple and their commitment to each other. This growing profession offers couples all options for their wedding ceremonies. There is no need to apologize for who they are, what they value, believe, or want. The result every time is a deeply meaningful and beautiful wedding that authentically portrays the couple and cannot be replicated.