Your Perfect Ceremony is Possible!

Your Perfect Ceremony is Possible!

There are very few requirements to be legally married – making a Declaration of Intent to marry – in front of a provincially registered officiant and 2 witnesses, purchasing a licence (or reading of bans in a church) and signing the licence and marriage register. That’s all.

The straight goods on perfection:

  • Beyond those few required elements, your perfect ceremony can be just about anything you want it to be – as long as the venue and your officiant are game. Go for it!
  • You are not required to have religious content in your ceremony because your officiant is a “religious representative”. Many registered religious representatives will perform marriages outside of a church and are happy to do your wedding your way – to respect and reflect your beliefs, whatever they may be. You will be legally married regardless.
  • There are a few restrictions every officiant must comply with – in addition to being assured that you both understand the serious commitment you are making in marrying, we may not proceed with solemnizing your marriage (doing the ceremonial legal steps) if we sense that either of you or your witnesses may be impaired by alcohol or drugs.

  • You can have a wedding and not be legally married! A commitment ceremony is a wedding in every sense, but without the legalities. It may be simple or elaborate and does not require a provincially registered officiant. A celebrant who is expert in ceremony and ritual will make it deeply meaningful in whatever way you wish – and just leave out the legal stuff, if you wish.
  • For your perfect ceremony, choose your officiant carefully. All wedding officiants are not the same. Be aware that, despite many describing their approach using the same words, our skills and services may differ significantly. There is no single standard. You have to check each one out carefully to understand what you will get. That said, there are groups of officiants who work in very similar ways – some because they are part of the same organization, e.g. All Seasons; others because they have the same professional training and ethical standards, e.g. Certified Life-cycle Celebrants™.

Expect your ceremony to be perfect! It sure can be.