Spiritual But Not Religious Ceremony

Spiritual But Not Religious Ceremony

Spiritual but not religious and want a spiritually meaningful wedding ceremony?

Absolutely! You can have that. There is a growing number of officiants who offer non-religious ceremonies. The question is, can they offer you a ceremony that is true to your spiritual beliefs and will be deeply meaningful to you both?

The challenge couples face is that the commonly used titles of “officiant” and, more recently, “celebrant”, do not inform about the person’s training or approach to ceremonies. You have to look deeper to get that information and determine if that person is the right one to do  your spiritual wedding.

Celebrants who focus on personalizing ceremonies and have no need to inject their own spiritual beliefs are a good place to start.

Don’t shop by price. Officiants who use templates for their weddings and price their services to spend only 3 or 4 hours before the rehearsal and wedding are likely not set up for designing highly customized, original ceremonies.

Five tips for finding the right person:

  1. At first contact, ask questions to determine the celebrant’s tolerance and comfort level with various spiritual contexts. Is the celebrant truly at ease with no religious reference at all, or with blending various religious and spiritual elements?
  1. Give specific examples, e.g. incorporating Christian, Islam or Judaism with each other or other religions, Buddhist practices, animism or paganism, the use of crystals, wiccan; creating gender neutral ceremonies. It is not that you believe in any or all of this – you are testing for that person’s open-mindedness and attitude to representing others’ beliefs, whatever they may be.
  1. Look for:
  • A person who knows how to create ceremonies within a variety of belief systems, cultural and religious traditions
  • A person who knows and understands ritual practices from many countries and cultures, and is expert at adapting, blending and respecting these practices
  • A professional who will listen well to you both, identify the symbolic elements that are meaningful to you, spend the time doing any research that will be helpful, and then custom-make a ceremony to suit you.
  1. Meet with the celebrant to ensure there is a good fit between you before you decide.
  1. Remember to check that the celebrant you engage is provincially registered and authorized to solemnize (make legal) your marriage.

There are celebrants trained in ritual and ceremony who will work with you to ensure a perfect wedding ceremony that is spiritual and not religious. These tips will guide you to the right one to make your wedding spiritually meaningful.