Talking Religion and Money

Talking Religion and Money

My Mama taught me not to talk about politics, religion and money. But if you are planning a wedding, we must discuss at least your beliefs (religion?) and money… and sometimes politics too.

Typically, couples seeking an officiant are not getting married in a church community. So, we talk religion and what your wishes are in that regard – your wish is, happily, my command. That’s that, about religion! But the first question is usually about money.

What does it cost?

The glib answer is “what’s it worth to you”? Officiant fees span a wide range, but so do their services. First, discover what is available – learn about the difference between officiants and the value added by a professional celebrant. That is not an easy job as many officiants use the same words to describe what ends up being very different results. Second, remember you get what you pay for. So, take advantage of a free consultation with a life-cycle celebrant or others who offer it to explore what kind of ceremony you want – even if you have been married before or have attended many weddings, you may not be sure. That consultation will give you lots of clues about the officiant’s work and the chance to ask discerning questions about value. Some of us will provide you with a detailed written price quote.

Are all officiants created equal?

Of course we were, but you be the judge of whether what we have to offer is equal.

Check out our training and experience relevant to what you are looking for – as a speaker, as a ceremony specialist, in cultural marriage rituals, as a writer, as an organizer, as a coordinator, as a listener. If you want more than a 10-minute legal quickie, that any clerk can follow a format and do, all those skills are important. After confirming you would get the competences needed for the best job, check out whether the officiants’ style, personality and approach to your belief system or faith jives is a fit for you.

A Life-cycle Celebrant who has specialized in marriages is both a professional ceremonialist and an officiant, so bring many skills and value-added services to the job. Find out what we uniquely offer. Although most of us have a range of services you may choose from, an average custom ceremony, with rehearsal, can easily require an investment of 20 or more value-packed hours of a celebrant’s time. Template ceremonies that take only 3-4 hours in total are also available from some officiants.



  • Decide on how important your ceremony is to you. Is the actual act of marrying important? Do you want your ceremony to be the heart of your wedding or not? (Unsure – do this quiz!)
  • Look into officiant services early, before you nail your budget. Compare value and cost of a few different ones. Many couples check venue, photographers and clothing prices early and miss being well informed about officiant services.
  • Consider what percentage of your total wedding budget you think the ceremony, a.k.a officiant services, deserves in comparison to photography, clothing and cake.
  • Choose your officiant early and make the booking. The best celebrants are often engaged a year in advance, and there are only so many weekends in prime wedding season.
  • Talk about both money and religion in selecting your celebrant, after you have done your research and are well informed.

Match the unique value your officiant offers to what you uniquely value!